This is a truly versatile gate. Vertical bars make it difficult to climb over so the gate
is suitable for use in calving and pig sheds. Additionally, the stylish design makes
these gates ideal for use as property entrance gates in rural or urban environments.
A medium to heavy duty strength gate.

  • 25mm nominal bore pipe frame
  • 7.5mm bar uprights at 100mm spacings
  • 2 x 7.5mm diagonal support bars
  • 2 x 20mm adjustable hinge clamps top and bottom
  • Split link latch attachment
  • Fully hot tip galvanised inside and out.
Product ID Length
F3703 Vertical Bar 3'6" Gate
F3705 Vertical Bar 5' Gate
F3706 Vertical Bar 6' Gate
F3707 Vertical Bar 7' Gate
F3708 Vertical Bar 8' Gate
F3709 Vertical Bar 9' Gate
F3710 Vertical Bar 10' Gate
F3711 Vertical Bar 11' Gate
F3712 Vertical Bar 12' Gate
F3714 Vertical Bar 14' Gate
F3716 Vertical Bar 16' Gate